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Executive Summary

Edo State Development and Property Agency as it is now known metamorphosed from Edo Development and Property Authority whose history dates to the sixties. This report would provide a detailed history of the Agency’s transformation from an Authority. It will further provide detailed information on the activities and mandate of the Agency, highlight its successes, trials, and triumphs since its creation/conversion in line with the agenda of the current administration. It will cover the tenure of the Executive Chairman from July 05, 2017 – July 04, 2021.

In furtherance of its activities and contributions to the Housing Sector under the National Housing Policy, the Agency is a registered member of the following professional associations:

  1. Association of Housing Corporation of Nigeria (AHCN)
  2. Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN)
  3. International Real Estate Federation – Paris (FRANCE)

Our core Business

At EDPA , our core business are real estate : investment ,provision ,management and sales. we identify opportunities based on the needs assessment of the State and explore innovative options of meeting those needs.

We engage private sector investors and developers to meet real estate demands in the state.

Our History

Created in 1969 by the laws of Bendel State Edict No. 3 OF 1969 and amended by Edict No. 11 of 1979, BendelDevelopment and Property Authority (BDPA) (as it was then known), had powers ranging from planning and development to the acquisition and sales of landed properties. This enabled it to grow and thrive. The Authority had estates in major cities of the old Bendel State but did not have staff localised to the areas for effective property management of its asset base. This would have affected response and turnaround times for complaints and collection of revenues from the assets not located in Benin City where it operated from.

EDPA managed revenue generating assets on behalf of the State Government, notable among them are Edo House, Victoria Island, Warehouses at Isolo and staff residence at Yaba all in Lagos State. Edo House, Abuja and the Edo Library Complex in Benin City. The intention is to maximise the revenues from these commercial assets to ensure that they contribute to the State’s Internally Generated Revenues (IGR).  Over the years following changes in government and policies, EDPA was moved from one ministry to another. This affected its operations as it could only operate dependent on the capacity of the ministry overseeing it at any point in time. Regardless of this, EDPA was able to deliver notable developments amongst which is its iconic headquarters – EDPA building. It is a five-floor commercial development sitting on 1.2hectares of land between 2nd and 3rd Junctions by Ekiosa on the popular Sokponba Road, Benin City. It is worthy to note further that EDPA Building was built from the internal resources of EDPA as EDPA had a brick factory and leased out scaffolding which contributed to its revenue streams.


The Birth of the Agency – The Housing Summit

During the first tenure of the administration of Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, the administration created six thematic pillars as the guiding principles for development in and for the State.  

The Passing of EDPA Law

The Housing Summit clearly identified the need for the State to excise housing delivery from the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development and make it a government-owned but private sector facing entity. For this to be actualised, a new law had to be passed as the existing law on which EDPA was created upon incapable of fulfilling the expected new purpose and direction of housing delivery in the State.

Our Message

With a strong brand history , our message through our functions in service can be summarised as:

To become the real estate provider of choice in Edo State

Leading provider of quality real estate investment & opportunities

Passion for excellence,innovation & delivery of quality real estate

Our Core values

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